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title. the archibungalows     date. 2015     city. australia     status. conceptual

Archibungalows - Brick Gabled Option
Archibungalows-Timber Option
Archibungalows - Dark Gabled Option
Archibungalows-Timber Skillion Option
Archibungalows-Timber Gabled Option
Archibungalows Floor Plans
Archibungalows-White Gabled Option
Small, mini, micro there are a number of books in the Reitsma architecture library that feature these titles, its almost an obsessive collection. How to achieve the most for the least, in many ways like solving an unsolvable mathematical equation. Our clients required an affordable design outcome to suit a variety of tastes that could be expandable - either one bedroom or two. In addition to this we created 4 different roof styles and also utilized different wall cladding treatments. Designed to suit a multiple of different uses such as a weekend retreat, a granny flat or art studio, the structure has the ability to be reimagined to change with you and your requirements.
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