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title. glennon residence     date. 2019     city. noosa     builder. ncm contructions

Glennon Residence-9
Glennon Residence-11
Glennon Residence-31
Glennon Residence-20
Glennon Residence-22
Glennon Residence-10
Glennon Residence-12
Glennon Residence-26
Glennon Residence-19
Glennon Residence-21
Glennon Residence-13
Glennon Residence-6
Glennon Residence-16
Glennon Residence-14
Glennon Residence-17
Glennon Residence-18
Glennon Residence-23
Glennon Residence-34
Glennon Residence-32
Glennon Residence-15
Glennon Residence-27
Glennon Residence-24
Glennon Residence-25
Glennon Residence-3
Glennon Residence-5
Glennon Residence-28
Glennon Residence-33
Glennon Residence-8
Glennon Residence-29
Glennon Residence-4
Glennon Residence-30
Glennon Residence-1
Glennon Residence-2
Glennon Residence-7

An incredible experience working with Trevor, Isaac and all the team at Reitsma and Associates


From our first meeting we felt that our ideas were being listened to and respected.


Collaboration is the key word that underpinned the entire design phase. Each meeting we were incredibly impressed by the thought, uniqueness and intricacy of the concepts and designs. The communication between the Reitsma team and our builder gave us the confidence to work outside the box.


Colouring outside the lines and creating a bit of ‘drama’ became the new benchmark to work with. We believe the end result is nothing short of outstanding.


Thank you to all the team at Reitsma and Associates


The Glennon family


Noosa Heads

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