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title. the holly house     date. 2015     city. noosaville     builder. owner 

holly front entrance
holly outdoor dining+theatre
holly arrival
holly garage
holly entry door
holly pool zone
holly kitchen stairs
holly kitchen
holly rear outdoor lounging
holly dining deck
holly dining
holly stair void
Our clients, a talented couple who had recently relocated from Canberra to the Sunshine Coast, wanted to create a dream home to accommodate an array of unusual treasures and collections. Add to this the fact they wished to build it themselves, this project was never going to be a standard route outcome. The finished result was nothing short of breathtaking. The level of detailing and quality of finishes were second to none and proved that an owner built house need not be a compromise. Our clients were heavily involved throughout the design process, in both the layout and look, in fact to such a degree that there is now a Holly Residence 2 which was designed by the owner herself. Our job was simply to nurture, instruct and guide where possible to achieve another amazing result (more of this project in months to come). This collaborative approach may not be embraced by many design studios, however, why should we alone have all the fun in design? Let the 'closet architect' step forward, we are here to help you realise your dream.
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