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title. the kennelly renovation     date. 2014     city. dicky beach     builder. quail constructions

kennelly front view
kennelly living
kennelly kitchen
kennelly master bathroom
kennelly street view
kennelly lighting
kennelly entry
kennelly entry door
kennelly laundry
kennelly stairs
kennelly balcony
kennelly site plan
kennelly ground floor
kennelly mid floor plan
kennelly upper floor plan
kennelly elevations A+B
kennelly elevations C+D
kennelly bath
Ah the question to renovate or detonate, which do we choose. The former in this instance. Located on an elevated site in the heart of Dicky Beach the existing home had seen much better days not to say much better tenants too. Our executive Brisbane based client's had a very clear vision for what their ideal Sunshine Coast holiday home should be. The home needed to accommodate 3 teenage children along with visiting friends & families. It needed to provide a getaway space for all, we did not want to have an outbreak of "cabin fever". The finished result is a credit to both the amazing builder and clients dedication to execute every detail faithfully, keeping the pedal down hard right to the very end. The icing on the cake for the Reitsma team was to see our clients had even purchased our favorite stools for the island bench! Thanks again to Scott and Karin for the opportunity.
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