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title. the phillips residence     date. 2014     city. the lakes estate     builder. suncity homes

phillips night view
phillips entry
phillips master bedroom
phillips outdoor lounge
phillips outdoor kitchen
phillips detail
phillips staircase
phillips rear view
phillips living
phillips street view
phillips garage
phillips site plan
phillips ground floor plan
phillips first floor plan
phillips elevation A+B
phillips elevation C+D
phillips entry pond
Located within the prestigious Lakes Estate on the Sunshine Coast this prestigious 5 bedroom house makes the most of its modest sized lakefront allotment. The home had to accommodate a family of 5 along with long stay overseas visitors. The brief called for a solid house, unlike the owners current home at the time which they described as having acoustics more like a tent. As such we utilized solid concrete block construction throughout with a suspended concrete slab for the first floor. The external appearance of the home was to be bold in form but subtle in detailing so as to fit in with the existing homes , many of which had been constructed in the early 90's. The clients brief had mention how they liked the play of light through screens, and if there was to be any opportunity to incorporate screens in our design solution we were free to do so. Let's just say we took the screen to the next level, literally and in scale too. The house takes on a lantern like appearance come evening, whilst during the day the vast screens give both privacy and shade to all 4 street facing bedrooms. It was a pleasure to work with the clients and their appointed builder throughout, a true sense of accomplishment for all parties, more importantly the clients no longer feel like they are camping .
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