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title. the sydney avenue residence     date. 2017     city. pelican waters    builder. planet homes

sydney avenue garage battens
sydney avenue street view
sydney avenue entry
sydney avenue night entry
sydney avenue open living
sydney avenue inside-outside
sydney avenue entry path
sydney avenue kitchen
sydney avenue night living
sydney avenue living
sydney avenue kitchen detail
sydney avenue bathroom
sydney avenue bathroom detail
sydney avenue finishes
sydney avenue multi purpose room
sydney avenue study nook
sydney avenue outdoor dining
sydney avenue dining
sydney avenue feature battens
sydney avenue street view
sydney avenue floating roof

Our client's previous display had been well received by both public and industry professionals where it had secured a number of awards. What to do for the sequel, was our new challenge.


The new display would be a single level layout embracing a casual inner courtyard approach. In addition to this, our client set the lofty task of incorporating an independent guest wing that could either function as part of one large home or as a detached Airbnb studio. The external look needed to bring a fresh approach, avoiding the “typical” display home offerings. The average display home seems to throw a multitude of ideas and features at the street elevation all at once, we chose to focus on one strong element only, simplifying the overall appearance - doing one thing only and do it well. The large horizontal western red timber screen would be our understated face to the street. The single elongated timber screen not only eliminated the typical garage and front door arrangement, it added a sense of warmth, acting as a lantern in the evening.


The sequel has already won praise from both the public and industry piers where it recently secured the HIA’s 2017 display home of the year award.

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