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title. law residence     date. 2018     city. noosa heads     builder.  ncm

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Slope and Sand, a builders nightmare. This west facing Noosa allotment was not going to be a straight-forward build.
The design had to touch the difficult site as delicately as possible. The lower level Garage, entry and Air BnB studio was cut into the hill acting as the substructure for all the main living spaces above.
A large central court with an elevated pool allowed us to bring light deep into the home, whilst creating an inbound focal point to all key rooms. The west-facing screen gives the home not only much-needed sun protection but importantly a visual strength and sense of mystery. The client's tasteful selections throughout reflect the care taken at each stage of the project.
Having worked closely with our clients on a past project this really formed chapter 2, they enjoyed the process so much they are `currently looking for the next project canvas, we can hardly wait for chapter 3.
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