title. wilson residence     date. 2018     city. palmview forest     status. completed

Our mission was to design a speculative project for a sloping south facing semi-rural allotment within a new estate. Our client needed to tick all of the boxes with regards to expected rooms and appointments, whilst keeping the building as economic as possible, in other words, standardize elements at every opportunity to remain competitive in a crowded market.


The first stroke of the pen determined that our layout, in essence, would be a rectangle that ran parallel to the existing contours. The garage and entry court would run perpendicular and cut into the slope creating a flat vehicle approach with a comfortable turning bay. Whilst the basic 4 bedroom recipe would remain standard, the look had to move the goal posts, appealing to a design focused purchaser. The full height timber batten screen adds character to the street elevation and conceals both the garage door and entry court access. The resulting effect is a simple clean form distancing it visually from the mainstream surrounding homes.

Night time sees the house come to life with a lantern like effect, the light spilling out from the entry court beckons visitors to step closer. The detailing throughout is consistent with the overall clean lines externally yet mindful to use standard selections where possible.


This home tames an awkward site through an innovative design approach, whilst adhering to standard building techniques and budget limitations, you could say simplicity done well.

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